Exactly 50 years ago, during the "Vietnam War", the U.S. Imperialists played an "all-in" game as carrying out the strategic air raid mainly by their strategic air force on Hanoi, hai Phong & other neighbouring provinces. It was the largest, most modern and brutal air raid in the history ever conducted by the U.S Air Force, with the involvement of hundreds of B-52 strategic bombers and thousands of tactical aircraft, aiming lớn destroy the morale of the North Vietnamese army and people, strangle the southern revolution, win a decisive victory, earn an advantage for the negotiating table, and force the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam khổng lồ sign the Paris Agreement with conditions in favour of the United States, while threatening the national liberation movement in the world. It was thought that this was an asymmetric confrontation between the U.S with superior air force và Vietnam with much inferior air defence force, hence America's ambition of a victory was understandable.

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However, contrary to lớn all expectations, glory, finally, came to lớn the Vietnamese people; American imperialism lost the trò chơi miserably. Vietnam did not "return lớn the stone age" and there was no "holiday" for the U.S. Air Force in the sky of North Vietnam as they had expected. Instead, nearly a hundred aircraft of different types, including dozens of B-52 "flying fortresses" were shot down after 12 nights and days of combat. "Dien Bien Phu in the air" Victory defeated the highest level of war, the last military effort, especially the will of invasion of the U.S. Imperialists. It was a miracle of our nation in the resistance war against the U.S. For national salvation - a brilliant symbol of the power nguồn of revolutionary heroism, creativity và intelligence of Vietnam in the Ho đưa ra Minh era.

State President Ton Duc Thang visited và encouraged militia of Hanoi when they shot U.S. Aircraft in the air defence chiến dịch in 1972

With sound lines, sharp & ingenious strategic direction, at a high intellectual level, our các buổi party applied and created miraculous power lớn organise the Air Defence chiến dịch at the end of 1972, completely defeating the strategic air raids of the enemy. That strength was the convergence of Vietnam's bravery, will và wisdom in the Ho bỏ ra Minh era based on the thought of "nothing is more precious than independence và freedom" which had been thoroughly grasped by tiệc nhỏ organisations at all levels throughout the campaign. As a result, it has fully brought into play the intelligence of cadres, soldiers and the whole people, making them both resilient & courageous, master modern weapons and equipment, be proactive and creative in choosing the right combat method, và hit the enemy's key weaknesses to win.

The victory was also attributed to lớn the preeminence of the socialist regime; the synergy of the whole country, directly air defence forces, in which the Air Defence - Air Force was the core. Another determinant of the victory was the strength of the people's war with the motto that all people shoot planes, all people take shelter and evacuate, và all people vì chưng the work of transportation. Our strength in the Air Defence campaign at the end of 1972 was created by the leadership & commanding talents of officers at all levels; at the same time, it is also the combined strength of the whole nation, making the enemy shocked và terrified. That victory also originated from the nation's indomitable tradition and mettle; from the determination & solidarity of the entire Party, people and army, creating great strength of the whole country khổng lồ defeat the invaders.

The victory also came from the solidarity in fighting against the common enemy of the people of the three Indochina countries, namely: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; great tư vấn both spiritually and materially of the peace-loving forces in the world, of international friends, of the socialist countries, especially the Soviet Union and China. The Party, State and People of Vietnam will never forget that kind & sincere help.

The meaning of the historic "Dien Bien Phu in the air" Victory has gone beyond the boundary of the nation lớn make it a significant one of the times. With the recognition of the world's people, including the American people, Vietnam has become a typical example against imperialism, oppression and enslavement. Vietnam became a symbol of aspiration for peace, independence, freedom & democracy; the conscience of the times.

As far as the resistance war against the U.S. For national salvation is concerned, "Dien Bien Phu in the air" Victory was the culmination of one of two strategic blows that played an important role in promoting và harmonising with the victory on the diplomatic front, contributing lớn the implementation of the Party's strategic determination, successfully completing the national liberation cause of our army và people during the past 30 years of revolutionary war full of hardships và sacrifices.

Half a century has passed, but the echo of the "Dien Bien Phu in the air" Victory - a symbol of the will & intellectual strength of Vietnam in the Ho đưa ra Minh era still resonates lượt thích an immortal tuy nhiên of the world in the twentieth century. That feat in the resistance war against the U.S for national salvation is forever the pride of the Vietnamese people. The 50th anniversary of this great victory is an opportunity for the entire Party, people and army khổng lồ deeply absorb valuable lessons learned from this strategic decisive battle to lớn continue researching & applying creativity into practice for building the army and strengthening national defence. At the same time, the victory creates a great spiritual motivation for us, especially today's young generation, to continue working new miracles, in all fields, into the heroic history of the nation in the cause of renovation, construction và protection of the Vietnam socialist Fatherland.

(baigiangdienbien.edu.vn) -May 7th, 2022, marks 68 years since the Vietnamese defeated French colonialists at Dien Bien Phu battlefield – a historic victory that was truly world-shaking. Today Vietnam & France are working together lớn build a solid relationship based on deep ties between their peoples.
A Vietnamese soldier waves a national flag on vị trí cao nhất of a French command post at Dien Bien Phu on May 7, 1954. (photo:AFP)

The Dien Bien Phu Victory in 1954 ended a century of ceaseless struggle by the Vietnamese people against the domination of the French colonialists. The victory phối the stage for Vietnam’s eventual national unification.

A resounding victory

Dien Bien Phu was one of the greatest battles of the 20th century. The victory is mentioned in many history books. It smashed the French military efforts and American intervention, & forced the French government to lớn sign the Geneva Accords in July 1954, recognizing the independence, sovereignty, unity, & territorial integrity of three Indochina countries, ending centuries-long French colonial rule, and opening a new chapter in the revolution of Vietnam, Laos, và Cambodia.

The Dien Bien Phu Victory forced the French to lớn respect the rights of other nations & acknowledge the autonomy or independence of many African countries.

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Analyzing the Dien Bien Phu Victory, historians say there were principal factors: a clear strategy and clever tactics, brave troops, and solid logistics. French historian Ivan Cadeau, tác giả of “Dien Bien Phu: 13 March – 7 May 1954", said: “The historic victory was a result of many factors. The ingenuity of the Vietnamese government was able khổng lồ utilize & mobilize all resources và the strength of the entire people & army. I want khổng lồ emphasize the role of engineering và heavy anti-aircraft artillery forces khổng lồ destroy the runway và cut off the French army"s supply line lớn Dien Bien Phu. Secondly, the Viet Minh Staff had a very flexible attack strategy that the French could not predict. One more point is that the Vietnamese army used their limited weapons very effectively. The Dien Bien Phu Victory was a classic military operation.”

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh meets French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris in November, 2021 (photo: VOV)

Toward the future

Vietnam và France have been building a strong relationship based on deep ties between the two nations. France has been Vietnam’s strategic partner since 2013. The relationship is based on regular consultations and close cooperation in culture, security, health, and language. Hanoi"s metro line 3, for which France put up 500 million euros, is expected khổng lồ begin operation late this year. The two countries have supported each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vietnam gave masks to lớn France in 2020 & France gave Vietnam 2 million doses of vaccine in 2021, & more this year. The French Development Agency (AFD) provided a loan for the expanded Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant Project & for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in power nguồn generation.

Vietnam and France have cooperated in science and technology. An agreement was signed in November, 2021 between the Vietnam Academy of Science và Technology, the French National Center for Space Research, and Airbus.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s visit to France in November, 2021 was a testament lớn good bilateral relations.

Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son said: “The leaders of both countries agree that an annual action plan is needed to carry out the Vietnam-France strategic partnership. The action plan will cover politics, diplomacy, defense, security, economy, trade, investment, culture, education, & health. I believe the Vietnam-France strategic partnership will continue khổng lồ grow.”

In 2023 Vietnam and France will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and the 10th anniversary of their strategic partnership. They have overcome their past và built an increasingly important friendly relationship.

Hong Van